The German TV Series "Our Mothers, Our Fathers", which provoked much discussion in Germany (and even some in my blog!), is now running as a two-part cinema movie in the USA under the title "Generation War". Ian Buruma has reviewed the film, generally positively, in the New York Review of Books (see URL below). BBC will be showing the series some time soon, I just don't know when.

I imagine the First World War will take priority, and indeed yesterday Max Hastings in his "The Necessary War" - presumably a riposte to Niall Ferguson - provided us with the latest attempt to cast Wilhelm as a former-day Hitler and blame the Germans entirely for the war (letting the Russians off the hook is a particularly typical facet of much of the British media coverage of the war, I don't recall Hastings mentioning the fact that Russia's general mobilization might have given the Germans good reason to fear the worst). I wonder if all of this is preparation for four-five years down the anniversarial line when we reach the Versailles Treaty. By then we will all be thoroughly convinced that the Germans were the culprits, that the war was a moral crusade, and that Versailles represented just desserts, not arguably another blunder in a series of blunders, feeding German resentment, with fateful consequences.